Karl W. 8:57pm, 14 November 2010
I have my video editing rig up for sale, works great for HD editing or photos.

Quick Features List:
-Windows 7 Professional
-AMD 2.8GHZ X6 "six cores"
-8GB of DDR3 OCZ AMD Black Edition Ram
-ATI 5770 1GB DDR5 Video Card "Dual DVI, HDMI, Display Port"
-Wireless N card Built in
-1TB Western Digital Calivar Black Hard Drive "Has 6 total Hard drive bays"
-ASRock 890FX DELUXE3 Motherboard With USB 3.0
-High Quality Lian Li Case
- Plus Many More Features

My asking price is $950, but will consider offers or trades.

The parts in it are high quality, for example the newer version of the desktop case cost is $249 on



maxcaven 8 years ago
being able to edit native EOS H264 files is tempting...
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