JustinSinks 5:14pm, 9 November 2010
So it has been decided! Lets get this party started!

Hey everyone. We decided to have our meetings on the last Wednesday of the month. But this month and next month we are right up against a holiday. Should we move our meeting up one week this month and next in order to get away from the holidays? So this month would be on Nov 17 instead of the 24th. Please insert your input now.
8u11y 8 years ago
K. Praslowicz 8 years ago
Works for me. Input inserted.
Sounds Great.
Please Advise.
N. Lindstrom Photo 8 years ago
The 17th is Life Day. I may be celebrating with my Wookie friends. But maybe I can do 2 parties.
JustinSinks 8 years ago
Why not combine them?
HBRstudios 8 years ago
Works for me.
figzphoto PRO 8 years ago
17th works for me.
JustinSinks 8 years ago
Then it shall so be! Wednesday the 17th 7pm at the green mill.
FargoGB 8 years ago
Is there only one Green Mill? And Where would it be located?
edgeways 8 years ago
Canal Park

When you go in the front door, hang a right and look for a side room on your right..

If you arrive late, just listen for all the swearing... er, that's a joke ... sort of.
JustinSinks 8 years ago
BUMP AND GRIND! Tonight is the night yalls!
I have a sick coworker so I am working late tonight.. My 2 cents on the DPG and the future as per Edgewood's post.

I agree that all levels of power / labels / what have ya should be gotten rid of.

I think the DPG should remain a cool place to talk shop and hang out and drink adult beverages but not have any level of who is top dog and who makes decisions. I started the DPG as an idea to get to know photographers and to learn and share. There is clearly a need in this community to have a more structured group and thats where the DPI comes in...

I think any future work / for hire / classes / more professional work should be transferred or discussed through the DPI.

I vote that any funds in the DPG account be given to the DPI

I do care very much for the DPG and I for one have had less and less time to be involved with guidance and direction. I wish I could offer more but I truly can't at this time. I am very excited about the DPI and the direction and hard work that everyone has put into making it happen. I do hope in the years to come that I can spend more time being involved. Cheers and thank you..

Amanda~Christine 8 years ago
What was the final decision about all of this?

I forgot to ask, I was distracted by all the shenanigans.
duluthiscool 8 years ago
We voted Justin to be the current/acting President/Secretary; Brian to be current/acting Treasurer; the rest of you bitches were voted bitches.
Amanda~Christine 8 years ago
Sweet. I don't have to change my name tag.
JustinSinks 8 years ago
like! lol nooo not really.
Heres a recap:
*We did vote to do away with the officers.
*We also voted to give the money we had to DPI (back to Brian since it came from him anyway)
*Wanting T-shirts for DPG. We need designs and a show of hands how many want a t-shirt.
*Rollerink would cost us around $250 to rent it for two hours. If there is enough of us, it could be worth it. Nate said he would bring pizzas
*Bowling. Yes! When and where?!
*Curling. Jeff will find out details
*Show at Beaners photojournalism style" love". Would start around the first Thursday in Feb. duluthiscool is setting this up, so see him for more details
*Brian purposed having a photo discussion at the DPI before meetings. Most were up for that. Details to follow (Brian?)
*Next month's meeting is on the 29th
*Help portrait will try and be done in Jan at the DPI
duluthiscool Posted 8 years ago. Edited by duluthiscool (admin) 8 years ago
mine was less wordy. i like my version better. and that bitch pete. i like here too. oh. and justin kisses like shawn's cousin.
JustinSinks 8 years ago
Rich kisses like my uncle used to...
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