NorthernMinnesotaPhoto 3:08am, 19 September 2010
so this morning my wife and I were driving on Hwy 6 (short cut from Finland to Hwy 61) and we saw 5 or 6 low, low flying airplanes. Does anybody know, were those for aerial photography of the valley there? The colors were awesome!

We shot a wedding at Bluefin Bay today, and came back through Duluth, what a long day!
Lanie Cakes 8 years ago
What kind of planes were they? Little Cessna's or ... ? I would think there would only be one or two at a time for aerial photography. Maybe they were DNR planes tracking/ searching (tho, I believe the DNR only runs two for the whole state.) Were they flying somewhat together or randomly? Sometimes there's just a lot of air traffic on a beautiful day whether it is pilots getting their training hours in or just enjoying the weather. So.. there's fall colors along the shore already?? Hmm.... :) I love this time of year, so I welcome an early Autumn.
enchanted afternoon [deleted] 8 years ago
Yeah...the colors are beautiful up there. I just HAD to check and it wasn't till I started heading up HWY 1(I actually thought HWY1 was MUCH more colorful than HWY6) into Finland that they began. Thanks for giving us a heads up, Jim.
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