Robbie N 4:24am, 26 September 2010
LOL sorry, i have no idea where to ask this! but, anywho, i am taking a photo class and for our first project, we have to shoot 6 photos of the elements. (space, shape, line, texture and pattern.) and, i have no idea what she means by space. i talked to her about it and she told me open and closed space? i really dont understand what she means by 'open and closed.' any help?

enchanted afternoon [deleted] 8 years ago
Perhaps a huuuuuge concert hall that's completely empty and dark except one mic that's lit up? And on the other spectrum, a jam packed concert with people being flung everywhere?
enchanted afternoon [deleted] 8 years ago
Or along the same lines....a long and empty hall while class is in attendence and that same hall when class breaks and everyone is hustling and bustling about their business?

Gosh..I've never been too good at school. :-\
Robbie N 8 years ago
hmmm. i think i get what you're saying.
she told my friend "one part is in focuz, the other is all blurry" so i'm like, O.O
enchanted afternoon [deleted] 8 years ago
Ooo...I like this one: You'll need a room that has a loft above it for you to shoot from. The open space will be the room completely empty of all things. The close space will be with furniture and as many people as you can fit having a party. :)

Dang..I think you need to relay every lecture of yours here so as to help me in my personal quest of creativity. I'm certain that others would agree that they would enjoy to receive some creative juices from you teacher as well. :)
enchanted afternoon [deleted] 8 years ago
Oh. That makes sense too. To have something isolated in space through a very shallow depth of field versus having a photo where everything is in focus.
Robbie N 8 years ago
OMG, i spelled focus wrong. x)
would under a bridge count as open space?
'cause i took a picture of that today... :S
HBRstudios Posted 8 years ago. Edited by HBRstudios (admin) 8 years ago
It could be one of two things (at least for me):

1) translating a 2 dimensional surface (your image) into the 3rd dimentional world. Where this is more a task for painters, IMO a photographer can do this with placement of elements close to the camera as well as distant elements and have all in focus (large depth of field, allowing the viewer to be "in" the scene). I think it can also be effective with the use of selective focus, where only one element is sharp and the rest very soft.

2) Or maybe the composition itself. Try thinking of space as a compositional element in a frame. Empty space where nothing exists, ie, open (negative space), and filled, ie, closed (positive)space to emphasize an element in the composition.

I am also guessing that since it is your first project, they are just trying to get you to think about the elements and composition and whatever you come up with will be fine! :)
edgeways 8 years ago
I was actually thinking of more along the lines of space being used as composition... An analogy, Claude DeBussy once said "music is the space between the notes", which John Cage essentially turned into the controversial 3:44. Visual arts, like music, depend on not only objects to see, but the space around those objects, which defines them.

I would hazard a guess that for your teacher positive space, is an object that dominates the composition, and negative space is where the space around an object/s is the dominate compositional elements.

FWIW, as long as your class is not too big, the ideal time to figure this stuff out is right there in class, dialog with your teacher, in class, until you know what she is talking about. I'd give you good odds that you where not the only person confused about this issue and if the conversation is started you might actually draw others into it and actual education happens

cheers and good luck
Robbie N 8 years ago
thanks all! i finished the project, (i still have some free photos left) and tomorrow we're learning how to take the film out of the cartridge and put it on a spool, and develop it and such. :) i'll post my photos on my flickr when i get them!!
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