HBRstudios 1:44am, 20 September 2010
The first meeting of the Duluth-Superior Camera Club is on Tuesday, September 21, 7:00pm at the Bethany Baptist church, 6700 Grand Ave Duluth. Photography enthusiasts of all ages, experience, interests, and equipment are welcome to join in the fun! For more infomation on the club, go to
Is there a membership fee, or does it only cost money when someone is presenting?
-Snapshot- 8 years ago
$20.00 per year, The club will let you come to a meet to try it out for free.
Typical meet lasts from 7:00 to 10:00
The subject is photography, the people are great, every one from the DPG should come and give it a try.
I may have to, it is pretty close to my house.
JustinSinks 8 years ago
I plan on being there tomorrow. AND maybe I'll make two in a row this year? Baby steps...
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