BFA Art Exhibit!

lcarlson 6:38pm, 14 September 2010
Of all places I forget to post something, the photographer group is it. Funny how that works huh?


It's my BFA Sr. Art Exhibit at the Tweed Museum of Art on the UMD campus. The opening is today from 4-6 and the show will stay up until the 20th.

Hope you can make it!

JustinSinks 8 years ago
Kick ass! I can't make it tonight but I'll try to before the 20th
aback account [deleted] 8 years ago
Cool. But what is this so called BFA you speak of? Simpletons like myself need to be spoken to as if we were 5 years old.
Bachelor of Fine Arts
whitejade85 8 years ago
its a significant improvement of the Bachelors of so-so arts.
manley.josh 8 years ago
and he has way more fun than the Married Fine Arts degree...
HBRstudios 8 years ago
BS -- self explanatory
MS -- More shit
PHD -- Piled Higher and Deeper
maxcaven 8 years ago
hahaha ^^

Awesome Laramie, I will for sure try to swing by and check it out before the 20th.
I would like to make it one of these nights as well. Preferably if you will be there again to guide through the works.
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