enchanted afternoon [deleted] 3:04pm, 6 August 2010
I've been pretty quiet the past couple months, but am hoping some of you would be willing to offer a critique of my new website! I'm still working on it and see a few flaws already, but I feel it's a solid start.

Some positive things about it is the ease of use. Something I'm fixing are the size of the photos so the portraits will fit in the screen. I tried using lots of flash to spice it up, but it just bogged it down. Hence, it looks super simple (like a 5 year old did it), but I really think it will prove to be effective.


enchanted afternoon [deleted] 8 years ago
Crap. The site won't be public for another 24-48 hours. I guess there's some time required to process the files or something.
K. Praslowicz 8 years ago
I'm seeing a white site were the navigation items have an outer-glow. If that is the proper site, then here is my input.

Major No-no I see: Putting all your text into a jpg. You'll never get any organic results if someone was to searching '$100 portaits duluth" or likewise.

You are use this site to advertise services, don't hide the details from search engines.
Jay's Photography PRO 8 years ago
IT STINKS!!! jk haha, im going to check it out Jason
timescapephoto 8 years ago
to slow - all those images take forever to load. Granted I am only on a measly T-1, but not everyone has access to super-bandwidth-speeds

to cheap - you are way to cheap for the skills you possess.
-Snapshot- 8 years ago
Your site opened fast for me using cable internet, but I’m sure slow using other means as noted by others. That search hyper/text/thing mentioned by the experts would be important (the web is big, and you will get lost before you are found).

Your photography is exceptional, you have a talent in not only taking the shot but also in the follow up department of digital editing. Your photography is very original and I just enjoy viewing your photos.

As for pricing, I like the fact that you have a scheduled list and are not wishy washy about pricing, I don’t know about pricing for photo shoots, prints etc. but that $10 per hr for computer schooling is way low. Next time my computer crashes you’re my man:)
Jay's Photography PRO 8 years ago
Im on dsl, its slow to load the pics, its a great site. I dont know how you could lessen the size of the pictures so they load faster.

I need a site for my photography, but i hear its pricey to set up a site.
Hambone Lewinski 8 years ago

Like Kip said, your site is almost completely invisible to Google. If you ever want search engines to see it, you will need to replace ALL the image embedded text with actual HTML/CSS. Google can't read images. In fact it can barely read Javascript... so anything that you want to show up in search results must be pure HTML text formatted with CSS.

If you're new to HTML/CSS, you might want to check out "Head First HTML with CSS & XHTML" from the O'Reilly Media Head First series.


Otherwise, you could always pay someone to do implement exactly what you have, but in pure HTML/CSS.

Hambone Lewinski 8 years ago
"I tried using lots of flash to spice it up, but it just bogged it down."

Don't be tempted by flash. Everything you might want to do can be done in JavaScript.

Don WhiteRider 8 years ago
I think your site is pretty good - in your bio, you state that you don't care about the search engines, so I think the real question is What do YOU expect to get out of the site...? Is it a professional site to drum up extra business and allow people to find you on Google, or something that you will give out to people to say “Hey check me out”…?

I would change the way the photos are, go with thumbnails that link to the full image that you want to present. In my experience, if you make someone scroll thru all the images on one long page, they will lose interest and move on to something else. As others have mentioned, the full page of all the photos takes a long time to load...
jus728 8 years ago
I am just going to put out there that I like the large photos and have not had a problem loading them. I also hate having to click to see a large image< i am much less likely to look at your pics if i have to click on each one.
enchanted afternoon [deleted] 8 years ago
Wow! Thanks for the input everyone!!

I'm with you Justin that I prefer large versions right away, but a nice sidebar with thumbnails would be nice like you say Don. Thanks!

As for google not finding my site, for right now I'm just showing it to people I hand business cards out to. But purchasing the "photography" google search word would be pretty stellar. AND probably pretty expensive. Ha!

Thanks for the info....I'll have to look into Javascript. And erhaps I will indeed talk to a professional about changing it all to HTML.

I did reduce the sizes of the images (not publishes yet), so hopefully that will help with the speed. My goal was to have a very simple and VERY fast site. And I've heard it's hard to find a good web designer who will continue to make regular updates to the site. So, yeah, I decided to embark on creating and designing my own. It's actually really easy if you use Dreamweaver. At first it's daunting, but then the more you use it, the easier it gets. I guess that's true with anything.

Ha! I'll just tell you to go purchase a new computer if it crashes. Lol! And thanks for the compliment, Bill!

Dang...my number one goal was to have a super fast load. I've reduced the sizes of the images, so hopefully that will help (I haven't published it yet, however).

Thanks for the input, Kip. Perhaps one day I'll change it all to HTML. Especially when I have products for sale.
K. Praslowicz 8 years ago
You have services listed. Services are products to as they both bring you $$$. Don't screw yourself over.
Darin... PRO 8 years ago
Nice job, Jason! My site is currently getting de-bugged and reworked, so I'm stealing some of the offered advice! Keep it chuggin, man!
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