fragile existence [deleted] 5:33pm, 20 August 2010
I'd like to sell off my 85's and trade up for the new version announced TODAY! yeah!

So, I currently own:
85 1.4D - solid, metal body and hood, probably nikon's BEST piece of portrait glass. So nice. Perfect working order, produces clean, gorgeous images.

85 1.8D - a bit smaller and lighter, still gorgeous piece of portrait length glass - ideal for those wanting to try a longer length but don't want to commit to a $$$$ price tag. :)

drop me a line if interested, yo. 218.213.4786
willing to meet locally so interested parties can inspect glass themselves.

I am absolutely enamored with these lenses and am only selling them to fund my purchase of the new AF-S version. Just so ya know.

Prices or Free?
HBRstudios 8 years ago
So, you know I have to ask.............

How will your images improve with the new model?

But we can talk about the 1.4 :)

maxcaven 8 years ago
AF-S means she can make her awesome images that much more easier. Less messing with focus and more taking of photos.
maxcaven 8 years ago
or she just has some gas...
HBRstudios Posted 8 years ago. Edited by HBRstudios (admin) 8 years ago
All I am saying is that maybe before a purchase, one should ask 3 questions:

1) Do I have the $$ for it already? If it doesn't need to go anywhere of higher priority, get the lens.

2) Will it pay for itself in 6 months/1 year? That means additional clients up and above what the current equipment will already bring in.

3) Will it perform better than what I currently have. That is, is the slightly improved autofocus or quality of coatings (or image stabilization, faster aperture, etc. if they apply) going to significantly improve your final images?

And it won't hurt my feelings in the least if you throw out all of these ideas. I am just trying to help the bottom line, here.
fragile existence [deleted] 8 years ago
I ask myself the SAME questions, brian.

The 50 1.4 AF-S version vastly outperforms it;s non-Af-s predecessor. It's ALMOST like shooting with a different llens all together. The bokeh and creaminess that I get out of the AF-s version is far superior to the alternative.

Also, like Max said, it's hella faster hitting focus points, which when you shoot kids and newborns come in HANDY. :)
HBRstudios 8 years ago
Did you mean 85 1.4?
Akatzmarkphotography 8 years ago
she was compiaring the 50 AF-S with the non AF-S verson... The 85 AF-S will without a doubt out preform the non AF-S model or they wouldnt have taken the time to create it.. ;)
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