hi everybody!

Robbie N 3:18am, 30 July 2010
my camera has been messing up lately (saying to turn off and turn on again, doesn't turn on, turns skies and everything pink, turns black while focusing, etc. stupid shiz that shouldn't be happening).

i'm going to ask my mom if we can trade it in (i think she got some kind of exchange thing at walmart.. idk though, i forget.) to get a new camera.. so do you guys have any suggestions?

i want to get an 'ultra-compact' camera that i can carry around with me in my purse and what-not... thought i'd let you know. lol

BTW, how's everyone? long time since i've been on here.
Hi Robbie, In the past 7 months we have purchased 6 Nikon L22 digital point and shoot cameras for kids in our area on Northern Minnesota. We always purchase a 8 GB memory card for the camera because the camera becomes the photo album and the movie camera and the still camera. This Camera / Memory card is available from for around $130.00. The really great thing about the Nikon L22 series cameras are (1) the Software that comes with the camera and (2) the camera uses regular AA batteries (available anywhere).
In Fact, one of those cameras is on it's way back to Minnesota, after spending the past month in Germany, Egypt, South Africa (Uganda) and ministering the word of God to the Ugandan youth.
The camera is pretty much teen proof and comes in many colors.

Good Luck, Happy shooting, Jim & Marie Fierek
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