Lanie Cakes 4:50am, 13 May 2010
A local running group does a race most Wednesdays in the spring and again in the fall. They would love to have photographers, aspiring or established, take pics at each one. I have done one and may do more, but can't do every week.

It's pretty basic. You check out the schedule found here: and show up and snap pictures of the runners. Upload them and post the link to the NMTC site or email a contact.

I uploaded my shots to a Picasa album and that seemed to work well:

They don't pay. It is out of the kindness of your heart or for practice. They will have someone with a point and shoot take the pics if no one shows up, but would love for someone a little more skilled to do it. Any takers? (It is preferred that you notify someone from NMTC ahead of time if you think this is something you would like to do, but probably not necessary. You can email me for a contact if one isn't listed on their website.)
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