Friday Night!

enchanted afternoon [deleted] 6:16pm, 30 April 2010
Anyone want to chill tonight? Sarah ditched me for her kids. Pfffff. LOL! I think we'll be bar hoppin'. Lemme know if ya wanna hang and I'll give ya the details. :)
HBRstudios 8 years ago
dunno what we are doing -- I'll check with the wifey
Jay's Photography PRO 8 years ago
man i should of done that instead of watching that stupid bucks game... we lost big time.
enchanted afternoon [deleted] 8 years ago
Sooo yeahhhhh...never went out tonight. Instead...I've been creating cool starfields in photoshop. What better way to spend a Friday night? LOL! At least I have some groovy music playin'. :)

Jason...The bucks? You're a bucks fan?
Photos by Drew. 8 years ago
hha i totally wish i lived in duluth :P
fragile existence [deleted] 8 years ago
is this supposed to be a guilt trip?

(really I just need for time to find a dress... haha)
Jay's Photography PRO 8 years ago
Yes sir im a bucks fan. Game 7 should be a good one tomorrow.
enchanted afternoon [deleted] 8 years ago

No you don't. Believe me.

Yes. Did it work?

Get out. Now. :)

Just kidding everyone.
Drew...Duluth is a magical place to live and only cool peeple like us can live here. Hahaha!

Sarah...I'm not kidding. LOL! Come know I luv ya.

Jason...I don't follow bball at all. So you liking the bucks is okay with me. And game 7? Is it the playoffs or something? Seriously...I don't watch tv or nothin', so I have no idea.
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