MOEVIEW is Aaron Molina 5:50pm, 14 April 2010
I was contacted about posting photos on MPR web page. Here are the details.. post away....

We’re getting closer to launching Minnesota Public Radio’s Minnesota Today site … including the daily photo feature that will highlight the work of photographers across the state.

I’m glad you’re interested in participating. We’ll be posting images, the photographer’s name/blog and a link back to the photographer’s site. I’m looking to pull some images together prior to launch. Once we’re up and running, you can submit as many or as few photos as you’d like.

Here are some details:

We Want

* Recent, general interest photos from anywhere in Minnesota
* Original work … (It’s OK if images previously appeared on your site, blog or Flickr page)
* Landscapes, community events, festivals, iconic buildings/scenes, wildlife, newsy images
* Images of people, places or things that express something interesting or compelling about Minnesota

We Don’t Want

* Personal or family snapshots
* Studio shots or formal portraits
* Highly processed images
* Archival photos or images that are more than a month or two old

Options For Submitting Photos

* Email the image to
* Join the MPR Flickr group and submit images to the pool:

Remember: Please include a description of the photo (where and when taken, details about the subject) and the name and web address of your blog or site.

I look forward to seeing your submissions. Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions.

Bob Ingrassia
Web Editor, Minnesota Today
Minnesota Public Radio
Office - 651-290-1299
Cell - 612-670-1328
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