duluthiscool 3:18pm, 7 April 2010

I have had informal discussions with many of you regarding the Homegrown Photography Exhibit, here are some specifics.

What: Homegrown Photography Exhibit
When: May 3, 2010 - 6:30PM - Opening Reception
Where: Harbor City Internation School Theater

The opening reception will include music by the Mark Anderson Trio. This event will preceed the Homegrown Music Video showing at the same location, and is very well attended.

This photo exhibit is open to all participants. The venue has a wonderful space for this show, and can accomodate dozens of imagery.

Each participating artist will receive a complimentary week-long pass for the Duluth Homegrown Music Festival (May 2-9, 2010).

Please send an email with your intent to participate to:

photos [at] duluthhomegrown [dot] com

Also, please submit a 1024x768 JPG of each image that you intend to show as part of this event. This is not a juried event, however, the intent is to review the images that are to be presented in order to ensure that there are not several over-lapping images... (we really don't need seven photos of Hot Rod crooning into the microphone!!)

Imagery should be from past Duluth Homegrown Music Festival related events, with preference on 2009 (but not limited to).

NOTE: The photography show will move from Harbor City International School to the Teatro Zuccone on Tuesday in order to provide the artists with a maximum amount of exposure.

Last Year's Show @ Harbor City

If you have questions regarding the photography event, please send them via email to:

photos [at] duluthhomegrown [dot] com

You can also post them here in this thread.

Questions regarding the music festival event in general should be directed to Shana David-Massett, Festival Organizer:

shana [at] duluthhomegrown [dot] com
N. Lindstrom Photo 8 years ago
I'm in, I'll send my info tonight.
lcarlson 8 years ago
Will submit thumbnails of my show images soon!
duluthiscool 8 years ago
800x600 size images are ok too... if you happen to already have them as thumbs... just nothing too small, or it is difficult to see what's going on...
dynamic robin [deleted] 8 years ago
I submitted two... /nervous
duluthiscool 8 years ago
nervous is good... keeps the juices flowing...
dynamic robin [deleted] 8 years ago
duluthiscool :) we'll see. If anything I can post a thread on PDD about the elitists that run Homegrown haha
duluthiscool 8 years ago
Here is the line-up so far...

0) R.Narum
1) N.Lindstrom
2) L.Carlson
3) E.Utero
4) S.Thom
5) E.Smith
6) B.Schwalbe
7) K.Link Fernhold
8) M.Bowen
9) P.Anderson

Where is your name? Scan your collection... share with us your best!!
dynamic robin [deleted] 8 years ago
utYro.... ahem
Assuming I am S.Thom and Rich is lazy?
N. Lindstrom Photo 8 years ago
Ol' Thompsy!
Kuri-Kara 8 years ago
I'd LOVE to enter this ^^ (especially as I'm working towards my goal of opening a photography studio)
lcarlson Posted 8 years ago. Edited by lcarlson (moderator) 8 years ago
Ah yes, here's two of my images. I used them in last years show and tagged them.
I'm gonna do 3 other 8x10s as well, maybe a little bit bigger. Will post when I figure out which ones.
Im so down! Will post pictures tomorrow.
duluthiscool 8 years ago
Greetings... A brief note regarding the images that you have submitted... We are still waiting on some image submissions... I will be sending out an email tomorrow evening to everyone that has submitted. There are only a couple of a few images that double up... you will hear back by midnight Monday evening... Thanks for the images... they look great...
duluthiscool 8 years ago
Here is the final list of participating artists. I have sent an email to each of you requesting some information. If you have not seen this message, please check your inbox and get back to me. Thanks.

Peter Anderson
Matt Bowen
Dan Branovan
Laramie Carlson
Kristi Link Fernholz
Nate Lindstrom
Richard Narum
Bill Schwalbe
Edgewood Smith
Shawn Thompson
Eve Utyro
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