Robbie N 12:57am, 31 March 2010
say i ran out of shots on my film, and i have an extra one in my bag. how would i switch it out without having everything exposed and muffed up?

i'm planning on bringing my camera with to my friends birthday and since my digital camera is broken, i'm bringing that one.

K. Praslowicz 8 years ago
Depends. Make & Model of camera?

Typically there is a lever on the front of the camera marked 'R', or a button on the bottom that you push in. It will release the advance mechanism, and then you can use the crank on the other side to rewind the film back into the canister.
HBRstudios 8 years ago
Just remember to crank it the right direction -- there will be an arrow on the crank handle to tell you.
Robbie N 8 years ago
ah. thanks guys! i forgot about that. LOL
i've been so clueless lately.
JustinSinks 8 years ago
HAHA, I first read this post this morning and I really LOL'd. Seems like not long ago that we only had film cameras, and we've already forgotten how to use them. I know that I still look at the back of my film camera expecting to see a preview of the photo i just took...
Robbie N 8 years ago
yesterday i was downtown with my friend walking on the boardwalk and i asked her for her camera, she's like sure, i go to take a picture, and i realized its a digital one. not film. i felt stupid. hahah. (my camera broke... anyone know where i could buy one, CHEAP?!)

but i successfully rewound(??) my film. and i got it developed.
now only if my scanner wasn't lame and would work properly, i could show you guys the exposures. :/
Are you looking for a digital SLR? You can find rebel XT 8mp cameras for around $300 with a lens.
Robbie N 8 years ago
I'm looking at just about anything at this point. LOL
i'm camera deprived. xD
i kinda want an DSLR, but i also want a camera that I can bring with me to school, and friends' houses and all that... ya know?
I may have a lead on a 6mp Pentax *ist DL for $180. No lens, but you can pick up a kit lens 18-55mm for around $75 maybe even $50.

This is the same camera I started out on and it is a great entry level DSLR.

I will keep you updated.
Shawn Thompson - Lake Superior Photographer Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Shawn Thompson - Lake Superior Photographer (admin) 8 years ago
Message me if you are interested. I will give you the contact info, it comes with manual, cables 2gb card.

From seller.
"For sale is a Pentax *ist DL body in excellent condition with only ~2100 actuations. Will come with everything shown in the picture, plus a 2gb SD card, but no batteries. This takes AA batteries, however, so powering it will be easy. "

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