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edgeways 12:25am, 15 April 2010
Anyone have anything to share about West Photo, down in the Twin Cities? I may be stopping there tomorrow
JulesAmeel PRO 8 years ago
oh wow...
I've got some things to say...
I've found your experience is clearly based on who you interact with.
If you get the bald or black man youre going to get some awesome service and possibly a good deal.
I've had pretty frustrating experiences with the other tall guy with hair there.
I purchased my D700 there and the two people I enjoy there both know that and treat me like a valuable customer. If I need help with stupid stuff they will do it and for free, for instance a tripod head stuck on legs or a busted lens.
The other guy treats me like crap and always talks down to me and is not willing to negotiate.

Now that I have a lot of the gear I would consider buying from there they are a strict rental house for me. \

Good Luck!
edgeways Posted 8 years ago. Edited by edgeways (admin) 8 years ago
Thanks, I ended up not going there after all as it turned out they didn't have what I wanted. Went to National Camera Exchange in Rosedale, Kinda hard to find as there are a bazillion stores all around, but was the only/closest place for a 5d. Price was ok.

Thanks again though I appreciate it, the online reviews where all over the place... they probably just reflected exactly what you said. .
I generally would go to West any day compared to National Camera. Had too many bad experiences across three of National's locations. West like another said can very a bit by who you get but at least I've always been treated well there.
Drew C 8 years ago
Yeah, I consistently have negative experiences at National, and pretty frequently have good experiences at West. Their rental dept. has saved me a few times too.

I agree with Jules on the guys to talk to.
cassandra1645 8 years ago
Kyle Khron at West is great. I've had mixed results with the other people there, but Kyle is always great!
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