Jay's Photography PRO 3:38am, 1 March 2010
Hope yall have a good week and take TONS of pictures!!!
enchanted afternoon [deleted] 8 years ago
Will do sir! I'm pretty excited...I'm headin' up to Spirit Mtn to get some wicked awesome aerial photos of my cousin doin' some tricks.

Ooo...shootin' a baby tomorrow too. Fun stuff!

Hope you take a gazillion pics too, my man!
Anna Merritt 8 years ago
hope you have a great week as well!!!!

Jason, that sure sounds like fun!!!
Jay's Photography PRO 8 years ago
I didnt get to take a single picture oy. Worked a commercial kitchen remodeling job. 60 plus hours tho! :)
HBRstudios 8 years ago
Me neither. :)
Jay's Photography PRO 8 years ago
Im totally beat and really sore. We had to replace vinyl in three rooms. bout 20 x 9. not fun
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