enchanted afternoon [deleted] 5:15pm, 19 February 2010
I'm finally taking the plunge and looking into monitor calibrators. I feel that the Spyder 3 Elite is the end all to my color cast problems.....

Also, I'll be using the Spydercube for white balance calibration for my photos....

Anyone use these or other related gizmos to achieve the correct color cast?
I use the Spyder 3 pro and love it.
JustinSinks 8 years ago
Spyder 2 pro and love it!!!!
enchanted afternoon [deleted] 8 years ago
After you print a photo from your preferred printing source (whether it be WHCC or First Photo or the such) how is the actual print vs. the screen version? Do they match quite well? Did you have to download the printers color profile to match your screen?
I haven't tried with the new monitor and Spyder3. When I used a spyder2 express on my laptop, my prints matched with whcc.
JustinSinks 8 years ago
Same, whcc prints matched up pretty good. Though they are always a tad darker than the screen shows in my case. So I have created an action that I run after I am completly happy with the photo that lightens it up enough to make up for it. Mpix matched up perfecty without changing anything.
manley.josh 8 years ago
I also use a spyder 3 pro.
maxcaven 8 years ago
spyder2 express baby haha.
enchanted afternoon [deleted] 8 years ago
I'm glad I went with Spyder then! Not that anyone cares, but it arrives Thursday! I got the Elite at BHphoto for $200 compared to $250 listed on Datacolor website. It will work with Apples LED screen too (just in case someone wants to lend me a grand). ;)
timescapephoto 8 years ago
Spyder3 is an excellent product - have the Spyder3 Studio myself.

Although I would recommend the X-Rite passport over the spydercube.
nostalgicearth 8 years ago
Spyder 3 pro here- works great!
enchanted afternoon [deleted] 8 years ago
Got my Spyder 3 and calibrated my monitor. Works pretty good. I'm quite certain, however, that my Samsung TV isn't a viable monitor to edit photos with though. It's still wayyy too vibrant from what I print.

And talk about cool that little Spyder Cube thing is. Works great! I, however, was thinking I could shoot just one shot of the cube in the lighting conditions I'm working with, edit that one photo, save the profile in Capture NX2, and apply it to all the other photos I took under that same lighting condition. I think I need to have that damn cube in every shot if I want to have a black, white, and neutral point. At least it opened my eyes up to how off my colors truly are. :)
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