parsimonious peace [deleted] 11:19pm, 4 March 2010
I will get photos up tonight, or tomorrow. Just looking to see if anyone would be interested. I bought this in BGN condition from KEH. There are a few scratches on the front element, but it does not show up on images at all. I bought it last fall for $189 (before shipping), but looking to sell it for $140. Dirt cheap compared to what is on eBay. Works on cameras with DX sensors, and is overall a really nice lens. I need the money though, and am looking to sell.

Nice write-up here.
parsimonious peace [deleted] 8 years ago
Oh yeah, I am totally down with you trying it out before you buy it. I thought there was something wrong with the lens at first, but it seems due to just the nature of it on a digital sensor (works perfectly fine on film cameras). Thread here.
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