enchanted afternoon [deleted] 3:06am, 17 February 2010
I'm hoping to see pics of todays sunset. It was pure 360º brilliance, but I was a dumbass and edited photos through it. If you have some shots, post them in this discussion for easy viewing! Do it! Do it!
I was doing web work, looked out my window to see spirit Mountain blazing with color.
Lanie Cakes 8 years ago
I went running at the cemetery tonight and noticed how beautiful it was. As I do most evenings. Always think I need to bring my camera at sunset. One of these days I will leave the husky home and bring my Canon instead. :)
Jay's Photography PRO 8 years ago
Was it good? I was watching curling. What i live i have...
JustinSinks 8 years ago
I was editing photos for a deadline... Ironic?
mb_wen 8 years ago
Saw it out the back window too late. :(
Anna Merritt 8 years ago
looks like the view was for the memory camera...it was stunning in the county too...I didn't get any shots either...the sundog was awesome!!!
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