MOEVIEW is Aaron Molina 4:54pm, 25 January 2010
I want a point and shoot.. something that has a quick response. I know the Cannon G10 - 11 yata yata kicks butt. Might be more then I want to spend and a bit bulky. Any suggestions? In the $200 to $300 range?
duluthsnow 8 years ago
I love my's built like a brick and the RAW capability rocks.
TwoOneoh! 8 years ago
I agree with duluthsnow, the canon powershot G10 and G11 are awesome P&S cameras.
Like I said .... the g10 is great but Im looking at $200 to $300...
GetLex 8 years ago
As for Nikon.

Nikon Coolpix S710 and or any model below that within your price range your looking for...

I think the the coolpix S1000pj is pretty dope for point and shoot and projector cameras !
pH foto 8 years ago
Don't overlook Panasonic, they have been making some nice small cameras. In the $250 range, ZS3 gets good reviews, though lacking direct manual controls. LX3 is awesome, but pretty close to G11's price range at 400 bucks.
Hambone Lewinski 8 years ago
I carry an Olympus XA2 with me most of the time.

HBRstudios Posted 8 years ago. Edited by HBRstudios (admin) 8 years ago
I always tell people to get the largest OPTICAL zoom you can afford, and if it comes down to it, get one with the optical viewfinder to see through instead of relying on the screen in bright light (you might not be able to find one of those anymore.) Otherwise, I think all other aspects in that price range are really indistinguishable.

We picked up a Sony Cyber-shot, can't remember the model.
JustinSinks 8 years ago
I can only suggest canon's G line. If you can't afford the 10/11, look into a Referb or used G9. They were a great camera.
I also had a casio exilm, which was ok, smaller than canon. I also bought an underwater housing for it, which is the only reason I keep that camera around.

One thing to look for when google searching, how many people complain on the pop out lens breaking. Some of them (ESP on the cheaper ones) when you have the camera on and the lens is extended, if you bump them on something the lens gets off track and pretty much ruins the camera. Have had it happen twice myself.
Anna Merritt 8 years ago
my favorite point and shoot's have been Olympus...the optics rock
manley.josh Posted 8 years ago. Edited by manley.josh (admin) 8 years ago
moe, splurg a little and invest in a Canon S90... it is closer to $400 but it has a max aperture of 2.0 and rocks in low light, shoots RAW, plus its more along the lines of the pocket camera size.

thats my two cents without mentioning the G11...

seems that in the $200 range there isn't really a standout winner, just best value for the money.
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