K. Praslowicz 12:09am, 29 January 2010
I was thinking about -Snapshot-'s recent comment of "Seams like everyone is trying to get photography done for nothing nowadays." today when I got a strange request at work.

Today a coworker started sending me IMs since he didn't have, or know how to use proper image editing software. He was trying to take a screen shot and didn't know how to save it.

We go on and on, and eventually I figure out what he is trying to do. Another company wanted an image of him to use in some sort of publication, and he had found one on-line that he liked. Only, it was one one of those websites where the photographer takes a photo of everyone in a sporting event, and later tries to sell them back to the participants.

The picture had "Copyright: Joe Schmo" across it bottom and he was trying to figure out how to save it without the notice. The photographer only wanted $23 for the image.

I ended up telling him I wasn't going to violate that photographer's copyright for him. And for some reason, he referred to me as "The Wolf" who he thought could have gotten the job done.

Apparently I'm "The Wolf" now. Screw that. Pay the photographer.
JustinSinks 8 years ago
Sounds like a cool secret agent name to me. And good for you for standing up for another photographers rights
K. Praslowicz 8 years ago
First thing I did was design a new name tag for my desk that had "The Wolf" as my middle name.
ha. Tell him you will take a photo of him for $24
Yeah, that is something. That's the problem with the interwebs. Everyone feels that what they see is free for the taking.

Good job Wolf man!
maxcaven 8 years ago
lcarlson 8 years ago
You da Wolf!

Actually my friend Cody and I were chatting about it all too, how a lot of people out there just want all the art stuff for free, and are willing to cut corners sometimes... frustrating.
J.Rabold PRO 8 years ago
Clap for the wolf man!!
B.S.! the standing rule for Portrait Photography is 3.3 times the cost! OR what the market will bear....
So IF the Photographer wanted 2 X the cost i.e. $11.50 then the actual price might have been... 39.95....But you wanted to cover your ass.... SO the price for the photo of yo should be some where between $39.95 and $75.90! take it as you will, but that's how I do it.
-Snapshot- 8 years ago
Actually I’m sort of a hypocrite,, I was going to ask the experts of the DPG how I can save (steal) a small segment from the NBC Today Show before they remove it from their site. It’s from the Smuckers 100 year thing and it’s with my Mother, she is the second subject, (Gertrude Ericson).

I did take the photo of her but this would not be considered my work as I gave it to them to edit and use as they please... I still want a copy so I’m willing to steal, .... just this once:)
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