mb_wen 4:25pm, 29 November 2009
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Top 15 Reasons You Might Be Obsessed with Photography

In no particular order…

1. You get a brown dog because you don’t want the exposure problems caused by black and/or white fur.

2. Your doctor informs you that the reason your baby girl didn’t open her eyes until she was 18 months old was because you kept strobing her for baby pics.

3. You don’t giggle when a fashion photographer says he snooted his model during a shoot.

4. At your nephew’s christening you ask the priest to repeat the water dipping because your first shot was a bit blurry.

5. You refer to cleaning up after dinner as postprocessing the kitchen.

6. You think that double of 4 is 5.6.

7. When you ask a stranger to take a photo of you and your spouse on holiday it takes you 10 minutes to explain the process of taking a shot with your camera.

8. You’ve locked yourself out of your house and car, forgetting your keys many times, but you’re never without a camera.

9. When your spouse asks you if you want to go for a walk you reply “not yet, Honey, the light isn’t good right now”.

10. When you ask your boss for a raise you request 1/3 stop salary increase.

11. It took you 1/2 hour to decide which car to get but 2 months for what 70-200mm f/2.8 zoom to buy.

12. You can’t remember the date of your anniversary but you know the specs to all the cameras and lenses in your brand.

13. You once got into a bar fight because somebody said digital was better than film. (Jason? Kip???)

14. You have triplets and name them Diane, Ansel and Henri.

15. You tell your son he has to go to a state school because you spent his college fund when you switched camera systems.
K. Praslowicz 9 years ago
Sorry, no bar fights over such a statement. However, I once had a gross woman in her late thirties who was wearing a Lowe's sponsored NASCAR jacket rub her crotch on me at a bar. After making it clear I wasn't interested, she got all offended and told me what a mistake I was making because I'd have a hard time coming across such a catch again. A blank stare and a jovial laugh which could only be heard inside my head was my response to her outlandish claims.
GetLex 9 years ago
did you get a picture of her ? lol cause from being that the post from above you had your camera on you...
enchanted afternoon [deleted] 9 years ago
This is hilarious!
Noreeyay 9 years ago
*Hang head in shame*
I remember the look my husband gave me when our 10 year old son said he wants to be a doctor or a photographer for National Geographic =D. If I'm ever missing any of my medical books or cameras I always know who has them!
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