GetLex 8:22pm, 6 October 2009
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*******Question ******

I'm in need of a possible lens for shooting a wedding this coming Oct. 17th ( saturday).....

My girlfriend and I are the wedding photographers and will be using, Nikon D40, D70, and a D200.

we already have:
18-55mm lenses
55-200mm lenses
28mm lens
50mm 1.8 lenses

What I'm looking for is some room to play with for new angles and WIDE, such as a Nikon 10- 20mm and/or a Nikon 14 to 24mm lens.......

If anyone is willing to lend me either such lenses or any other great lenses for this wedding were shooting would be much help ! ! !

Just be shooting with it for the one day ( sat. oct 17th )

will pay for using your lens !

Thanks much,

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