jus728 3:11am, 15 October 2009
Any one have any suggestions??

p.s. i Didn't do it,
JustinSinks 9 years ago
How bad is it bent? In your camera? I used a small flathead to fix my card reader, but if it was smashed all the way down it will prob break if you try to straighten it. If you're lucky, it wasn't an important pin and it won't matter. Worse case you'll have to send it in to get replaced
jus728 9 years ago
Its one pin in the center and its bent all the way over.
Is this in your camera or your card reader?

I bent a pin in a cheapo targus card reader and broke it trying to straighten it.

I bought a sandisk reader and have not had an issue since.

I wish you luck.
jus728 9 years ago
its in the camera, which sucks really bad. and from what i have read it costs a lot to have it fixed.
Sorry to hear that, maybe bring it up to first photo and ask if they have any ideas. Chances are they have seen this before.
jus728 9 years ago
Thanks man, i think i will try and get up there today.
just a thought, go to a Hobby shop and ask for a piece of very small diameter copper tubing. If you can reach the pin, maybe gently, you can bend it back slowly , to straighten it out. Use a very bright light source and a magnifying glass. Or... call these guys... S.K. Grimes

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TwoOneoh! 9 years ago
I'm sure the guys at Computer Renaissance have dealt with a few bent pins in their days, try bringing it there.
mb_wen 9 years ago
If it's IN the camera... I'm guessing you'll need to send it back to canon. How the heck did you bend one in the middle anyway??
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