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GetLex says:

For all you group shooting, weddings, etc photographers....

What is your 3 favorite lenses to shoot with when in situations like weddings, group shoots, band promo shoots, etc ??? basically in any environments and with 5 and more people in a frame.

In other words, I'm looking into getting a new lens, just don't know which would work best for me in situations as told above.

11:10AM, 20 August 2009 PDT (permalink)

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Shawn Thompson - Lake Superior Photographer is a group administrator Shawn Thompson - Lake Superior Photographer says:

This all depends on how far way you can be from the group.

If you are in a confined space you will need a Wide angle or Ultra Wide Angle

If you can step back from the group quite aways you can use medium to longer focal lengths.

What lens you use is totally dependent on the situation.

A well rounded kit would be for a crop body would be IMHO



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fragile existence [deleted] says:

honestly, you can make any lens work for you.. so my advice is to spend a decent amount on one lens and learn it , inside and out, and stretch it to every possible angle you can think of... you'll know what you need soon enough. It's hard to give one in particular, because those situations can vary soooo much!

For Nikon, the 24-70 2.8 is legendary, and is recommended by many high-end wedding photogs. you get the wide-angle coverage and a good portrait length in a killer aperture. The lens is fast, sharp, and expensive... (haha, can you tell I am drooling over it...)

70-200 2.8 is also a good one, though is a stretch on a crop sensor.. will need LOTS of room for this one.

and I am a huge prime lens fan, so I'd recommend the 50 1.4G as an all around general purpose. I only say that over the 35 1.4 because the 35 has a tendency to distort portraits, but that may not apply to you at all...

So. Happy shopping!
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Shawn Thompson - Lake Superior Photographer is a group administrator Shawn Thompson - Lake Superior Photographer says:

Not sure what i was thinking the 24-70 or 28-75 2.8 lenses are perfect ranges for what he is looking for.
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GetLex says:

great ! thanks for the tips
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GetLex says:

*******Question ******

I'm in need of a possible lens for shooting a wedding this coming Oct. 17th ( saturday).....

My girlfriend and I are the wedding photographers and will be using, Nikon D40, D70, and a D200.

we already have:
18-55mm lenses
55-200mm lenses
28mm lens
50mm 1.8 lenses

What I'm looking for is some room to play with for new angles and WIDE, such as a Nikon 10- 20mm and/or a Nikon 14 to 24mm lens.......

If anyone is willing to lend me either such lenses or any other great lenses for this wedding were shooting would be much help ! ! !

Just be shooting with it for the one day ( sat. oct 17th )

will pay for using your lens !

Thanks much,

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KAdog3 says:

sony 62mm 18 to 200
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HBRstudios is a group administrator HBRstudios says:

Tokina ATX 12-24 f4 and 10.5mm Nikkor fisheye.

We can work out something, if you are interested.
107 months ago (permalink)

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