fragile existence [deleted] 9:00pm, 29 August 2009
i don't know how many of you follow Zach Arias's blog, but it has been great lately. This post ( ) just got my attention, and in a big way.

I know I worry WAY too much about becoming a "good" photographer before I can do things for the common good. Before I feel like I can share. That's what kept me from sharing here for a LOOOng time. I still have a ways to go. Haha, we all do.

So, I am going to be doing this challenge. I need to do something that I am serving someone for their benefit- not mine. I serve a community as a profession, but I rarely do it out of pure, honest to goodness charity.

Anyone else? :)

ETA: you can clickety click now.
Grand Rapids, MN MS Walk for 6 years running. Portraits, Groups, Route coverage. 5x7 Copies of all groups to all group members in about an hour! How's that?
fragile existence [deleted] 9 years ago
That's awesome! what a huge job... and awesome responsibility. I am sure that those families and participants appreciate it too.

That's what I love about this stuff, it always makes everyone feel good. I have a few families in mind that for portrait work and I will be contacting them this week. :) I am really excited. I also may be contacting LSS for the names of some families that would LOVE a pro-bono portrait session. I may compile a list so that if others are interested they can refer directly to the list.
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