Darin... PRO 12:16am, 26 July 2009
i have a couple opportunities to shoot some friends' bands onstage. am thinking moderate ISO, with high f-stop (best I can do is 3.5 with my *spits on ground* kit lens and 4.5 on my zoomer... damn i need a prime lens badly), but am pretty clueless.

oh... almost forgot.... i'm using a tripod if possible with remote shutter release. should be able to get pretty close (hoping for side shots)... AND i'm not using a flash! ha!

any other ideas would be greatly appreciated! thanks for the message, Jason. good stuff, man!
N. Lindstrom Photo Posted 9 years ago. Edited by N. Lindstrom Photo (admin) 9 years ago
You can borrow my 50 1.7 if you want.

I wouldn't use a tripod or release.
ectro 9 years ago
get that 50 1.7 and shoot at iso 800. then you'll be good
maxcaven 9 years ago
yeah I agree with Nate, I wouldn't use either personally.
Darin... PRO 9 years ago
cool! thanks, guys! i appreciate the offer, Nate. i'll keep you posted! i guess those remote flashes work pretty well if one puts them behind the band if there's low light, but i don't want to effect the show at all either. i never really figured how challenging band shots can be. am getting close to throwing some money at some better equipment although I'm not quite ready for the a900 yet as i still need to learn this 300 better...

thanks again, ya'll
N. Lindstrom Photo 9 years ago
It would be a good time to upgrade to the A700, they are being discontinued and have been seen for around 699 at certain places. If I see one Ill let you know.

Give me a shout if you want the 1.7
-Snapshot- 9 years ago
Some of this might work for you and some might not, these are some of the things I do when shooting dance where no flash is allowed.
...1/125 second is the absolute slowest shutter speed if you want to stop motion blur, so set your camera to not go below that speed.
... If your camera will allow use your ISO control: move your ISO up or down in conjunction with the cameras auto metering to control what aperture you want to use.
(In low light - fast motion photography a reasonable high ISO is your friend, not your enemy).
...Use spot metering mode to get good exposure on your subject as a lot of times a darker or oddly lite background can throw the exposure on your subject way out of wack.
... Shoot raw so you can color correct in post processing.
... Shoot lots of frames as you will get tones of bad ones.
... For stage lit dance I use a monopod while sitting in theater seating, but in close up band setting a tripod or monopod will probably restrict your shooting to much to be useful.
... The fast glass that Nate has offered for your use will be critical to getting these low light shots.
... And most importantly sometimes I know what I’m talking about and sometimes I don’t, so please use this advise very carefully.
TwoOneoh! Posted 9 years ago. Edited by TwoOneoh! (member) 9 years ago
This may be a little late.... but more than likey if the lights aren't moving the subjects defintely will, if not both, time your shots for when they are in the light and meter for when they are in the light not the dark back ground otherwise everytime your singer or guitarst moves into the light they will be overexposed. Also be bold, get up close standing in the back with the rest of the crowd won't land you the shots you want. Good Luck! If you havent already shot it.
N. Lindstrom Photo 9 years ago
I dont see it mentioned, but I found manual focus to be easier than letting my camera search. But that's just me, and I dont know much of anything at all! : )
Darin... PRO 9 years ago
Hey... thanks, alot! all the great advice is much appreciated. my 50mm is on its way, & i hope to get alongside / behind the band for the next one. we'll see how it goes!

thanks, ya'll! good stuff!
TwoOneoh! 9 years ago
But that's just me, and I dont know much of anything at all! : )

HA! Your so full of it.
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