TwoOneoh! 3:40pm, 4 August 2009
Cool video made with a Canon 5D MKII in 1080P using multiple lenses including TS-E's which i've always loved.

Click here to watch!
enchanted afternoon [deleted] 9 years ago
Stellar! Thanks for the link Brandon. I tried my hand at being at motion pictures. Tough stuff. There was a link to a gentleman from Duluth in one of these posts that's awesome at video. What was his name again....?
JulesAmeel PRO 9 years ago
yea this has been out for a while. It literally crashed smug mug's site when laforet released it. He said he went to have lunch with his canon rep on thursday and the rep said he was busy, they decided to go on friday and vinny saw it and begged several times to have it for the weekend. Canon made the mistake of saying they wanted nothing to do with it. LaForet spent 5000 on heli/models/ect and made that in two days. He owned all of it. After the release Canon bought the rights to it for a considerable amount of money and it has been one of the best ad's in canons history. So by stroke of luck and a busy scedual he now is a crazy huge director of photography being asked to join the motion picture guild! Lucky and talented man.
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