Just curious....

enchanted afternoon [deleted] 7:50pm, 6 July 2009
as to how many of you use PC and how many of you guys use a MAC? What are your thoughts of your PC or MAC for your workflow?

I, personally, broke down and ordered up a MAC! I've been a devote PC user all of my life, but feel that MAC is the mack for all of my business and personal needs. Not only that, MAC has a cool keyboard (yup, that sold me. Ha! Just kidding).
Hambone Lewinski 9 years ago
I use Linux.

maxcaven 9 years ago
I was mostly a PC user for the last 15 years of my life (still had an older iMac in the house) but now I've switched to a Mac for all my media based things, and my PC for everything else.
-Snapshot- 9 years ago
I’m a PC, and I like photography.

Oh and I use Capture NX, Lightroom, Photoshop Elements, and they never crash.
TwoOneoh! 9 years ago
I use a PC personally, but would switch to a mac in a heartbeat if i had the money. I use DPP raw converter, Gimp, CS2 and i can push through uploading converting, and post processing pretty fast, but with a mac i bet it would be quicker.
JustinSinks 9 years ago
I'm a PC. Has nothing to do with the cost of a mac, I just like PC better.
HBRstudios 9 years ago
I switched from a Mac a few years ago because I was sick of it crashing and it was slower than the much cheaper PCs. Won't ever switch back.
N. Lindstrom Photo 9 years ago
PC. I thought about MAC, but I'm to scared to switch. Creature of habit I am.....
brandonransom 9 years ago
I have two Apple machines of varied ages. I like them for their stability and hardware build quality. I dual-boot my tower in to XP if I feel like playing the odd video game, but for everyday use and for all my photo editing, I use OS X.
enchanted afternoon [deleted] 9 years ago
Thanks for the feedback guys.

Brandon Thomas: So by dual booting your towers you can essentially have one computer, right?

Nate: I've been thinking of MAC for a long time, but have been scared shitless too.

Brian: Interesting to hear you had problems with you Mac. Seriously, you're the only person I've heard of having problems.

Justin: Skip you. Ha! Just kidding.

Brandon (042): Do you run 64 bit?

Bill: I think I asked this does Capture run on your system? Does it take 10 seconds just to save a file? Does it ever corrupt files?

Max: What else would you use for you PC when you have a MAC?

Jason (Hambone Lewinski): Linux rocks. I just found out, however, that we can't get pirated software (c'mon guys...I wouldn't steal anything!). That's a bummer though.
maxcaven 9 years ago
leopard is only 32 bit right? and when snow leopard will be fully 64 bit? I'm not yet up to knowledge with osx and apple hardware as I am with pc hardware.

But Jason, to answer your question, sometimes when I'm just putzing around on the net, I use windows, either on my tower, or bootcamped on my macbookpro (that's what brandon is referring too). Other than that, when I coded my website, I did it all on my windows tower. Mostly because I know how the windows file system is set up, and it just seemed easier, and I hadn't gotten used to OSX (I'm slowly getting there). I still haven't found a OSX alternative to 'notepad' that handles html files like it does. And of course if I'm playing games, it's on my windows tower.
enchanted afternoon [deleted] 9 years ago

Not all applications will be 64 bit just yet (such as Adobe CS4, but most will be with Leopard). I'm not sure when all applications will have 64 bit written for them. If you purchased an apple after June (something or another) you'll be able to upgrade to Leopard for $30. Woo hoo.

Leopard will be able to utilize 16 TB of Ram! That might cost some moolah.
Karl W. 9 years ago
I have a macbook pro and I use mac osx 10.4, windows xp, and suse 11.1 on the machine. The reasons I ended up going with mac was first, it has grounded audio for djing "I get ground loop problems otherwise", second I could have every operating system on one machine so I'll never be left out of the water for something. Third, I did really like the aluminum case "it survived a 40lb lighting truss falling on the screen" and also that magnetic power plug in has saved it many times too.

In short I don't regret buying my mac but I wish I would have just bought used, since after a new model comes out all of the other ones are about a half off on ebay.

But I think I might go back to a desktop after my laptop dies, because you can get so much more processing power for cheap. The nvidia tesla uses it's gpu which has 240 cores to do much more than a quad core for that matter.
hypnotic month [deleted] 9 years ago
I have a pc. I think it's awesome. That is all.
kenji.ogura 9 years ago
Mac is cool and great, and I don't mind having one, but I think they are overpriced. I think I will stay with my pc for a while.
Noreeyay 9 years ago
I'm a pc and you already know why ;). Shhh, don't tell! Hubby built it for me and every year or so he guts it and gets me all new bigger and better hardware. I LOVE newegg!!!
enchanted afternoon [deleted] 9 years ago
Nora...I could SO blackmail you. Ha! J/K.

Fer the Mac users out there:
So I've been looking at Adobe and it sounds like CS5 will be 64 bit for the Mac which will be available in about a year or so, but will have many bugs due to the fact that millions of lines of code need to be rewritten. Doesn't that sound like a daunting task?

LightRoom 2.0 has been 64 bit for the Mac for quite some time now.

Karl: That tesla processor looks real nice. Too bad some of those premade supercomputers that incorporate the tesla have a starting price of $80,000.
Karl W. 9 years ago
I think you can buy the tesla processor for $1,300 for just a single card, add that to a intel i7 and you should have a smaller super computer for $2,000 ish?
Akatzmarkphotography 9 years ago
Pc because i am poor
TwoOneoh! Posted 9 years ago. Edited by TwoOneoh! (member) 9 years ago
@Jason from duluth,

I do run 64 bit ;) But i also have a standard 32bit machine which is the wifes and also my backup, but being able to utilize 64 bit technnology to the fullest is still a couple years out, I've had a AMD 64 bit powered machine for sometime now and it similiar in speed to my 32bit machine but then again from what i've learned you need to invest in quite abit of RAM for a 64 bit processor to even be worth it, and most software these days still isn't ported (written) for 64 bit architecture thus making a 64 bit machine no faster at processing a task than a 32 bit machine, essentially.
expired_meter 9 years ago
PC for linux and Winblows
J.Rabold PRO 9 years ago
Im 43 and I'm a PC!!
Mac for everything photo editing related (Imac 24 3.06 Core 2 Duo, OS10.5.7, 4gb, 1tb) (PSCS4, InDesign CS2, Illustrator CS3, Photo Graphic Edges, + others) Pc laptop for contracts, word processing, running slide shows at receptions and my wife's games.
I am using a 4 year old HP Widescreen laptop. It is time to upgrade and I am looking into a 64 bit Desktop with 6gb+ RAM and Dual 22'' Dell Ultrasharp Monitors.
manley.josh 9 years ago
PC: HP tower with 8 gbs of ram and dual 24 monitors. only used for editing so i never have any trouble with crashing.

I also shoot almost exclusively in RAW and i'm working with 20+ mb files in pretty high volumes...never lags, never crashes...i'm happy.
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