Jeff Rennicke PRO 4:47pm, 3 July 2009
Hello everyone. My name is Jeff Rennicke. I am a writer mostly who has had the honor of traveling with some of the world's best photography through my work and hopefully picked up a thing or two. I live in Bayfield and I hope that is not too far out of the region for this group. I look forward to meeting other Duluth/Bayfield area photographers.
ectro 9 years ago
Bayfield? That's way too far! No, just kidding. Welcome to the DPG. You have some great photos
enchanted afternoon [deleted] 9 years ago
Hey Jeff. Welcome. There's no place like the DPG. A great group of people.
N. Lindstrom Photo 9 years ago
HBRstudios 9 years ago
Welcome, Jeff!
hypnotic month [deleted] 9 years ago
Hello :]
JustinSinks 9 years ago
Hello Jeff! Welcome to the greatest group in MN/WI!
Darin... PRO 9 years ago
howdy! great photo ops in Bayfield... good stuff!
Anna Merritt 9 years ago
Jeff, welcome to the greatest group you will ever belong to!
TwoOneoh! Posted 9 years ago. Edited by TwoOneoh! (member) 9 years ago
Bienvenido al grupo! Espero ver más de su trabajo
Jeff Rennicke PRO 9 years ago
Thanks for all the welcomes. I know Bayfield is on the "outskirts" of Duluth but not a whole 'lot of photographers here (although there are a few and some very talented ones at that). It would be great to connect with any of you who would like to go out and photograph in Duluth (my daughter goes to UMD so I come to town believe it or not) or in the Bayfield area. Let me know. Keep up the good work. You are inspiring.
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