Hi all!

TwoOneoh! 6:11am, 16 June 2009
Hi everyone, First i want to say that it's past my bedtime and if any of what I'm about to type doesn't make much sense i apologize ahead of time. I've enjoyed shooting pictures for years and never really allocated the funds for a nice camera and was in kind of slump not shooting pictures for some time till recently when i got back into the swing of things and decided to purchase a new DSLR. I'm glad i did I've had just as much fun taking photos as I've had viewing others photos. Speaking of others' photos I've been on Flickr for some time now and never realized that there was an active Duluth group, but I'm glad i found you guys. After looking at just few members' photos i realize just how much of a newbie i really am, hopefully i can get some constructive criticism on my future submitted photos and learn a lot along the way. Anyways just wanted to say hi!
N. Lindstrom Photo 9 years ago
HBRstudios 9 years ago
Welcome, again -- and there are lots of newbies and former newbies here.

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