manley.josh 4:25pm, 10 June 2009
So i finally did it. I set up my site and i am actively looking to do Weddings, Grads, Babies...whatever pays. is my site. please take a look around and let me know what you think. I am always working on it and trying to make it better but i figured 200+ sets of eyes are better than 1.

thanks all

I like it. I would think you could select a few favs from the Kendra gallery and move them into the portrait gallery to simplify and only show the best frames?
JulesAmeel PRO 9 years ago
agreed with shawn u put up too much. plus there are locked gallerys mixed in with the viewable ones which is frustrating. So do like 15 of you best portraits and spread them out like you did on the front page. I did love the first page with the featured gallery though! awesome touch
enchanted afternoon [deleted] 9 years ago
Great site.

I suggest changing the way you can download and purchase prints.
Take for instance where you can add to cart without "loging" in. I prefer to simply enter my payment options without "joining" anything. But then again...I'm no webdesigner, so I have no idea how all that stuff works.
J.Rabold PRO 9 years ago
I also agree with the panel here. You should drop a few. It really is a good page though! Nice job
Karl W. 9 years ago
in "galleries" maybe change the portrait gallery first photo to a landscape style one instead of portrait. To go with the flow better.

Nice looking site btw!
manley.josh 9 years ago
thanks guys!

Shawn: do you mean move a few and delete the Kendra gallery?

Jules: when you say locked are you talking about the wedding gallery? I locked that for them just so not everyone can see their wedding stuff. I will hopefully add more wedding stuff tomorrow and then just make their gallery not visible to others. thanks for the input.

Jason: I'm new to it too, i'll see if there is a way to disable "joining" right now its not even set up for people to order and pay for images. I wanted to see all the Flickr-ites input as i build on it.

Willowmaker: Simple is better, thanks

Karl: Done and Done. Good call, i didn't even notice that it was the only portrait photo as the cover image.
Shawn Thompson - Lake Superior Photographer Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Shawn Thompson - Lake Superior Photographer (admin) 9 years ago
"its not even set up for people to order and pay for images"
I think this is the issue, I haven't set mine up completely yet and I have the same issue.

Yes, I mean to remove the Kendra Gallery completely and move a couple of the best images from that shoot into your portrait gallery. I think you should just showcase your best Portrait work in one Portrait gallery.
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