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lcarlson is a group moderator lcarlson says:

So, the plan for this summer for my friend and I is to set up a developing room in my friends basement... I asked her what else we needed, and here is what she said.

"I'm looking for a digital timer (or two) .... some bigger trays ... some storage tanks for used chemicals ... and a plexiglass board for squeegeeing prints .... and all the chemicals of course ... plus I'll probably have to get a couple fans for airing out the basement after use "

Can anyone help/steer us in the right direction?

9:48AM, 22 May 2009 PDT (permalink)

noxious kettle [deleted] says:


i would suggest ebay for all of this stuff, unless yr looking for enlargers... then i would scour the twin cities craigslist. freestylephoto is a great site for chems..


they have pretty much anything you would need, but finding this stuff used would be better obviously.
111 months ago (permalink)

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fallfaceforward says:

Jason Novak gave me a bunch of stuff last winter to help start a darkroom but sigh, i don't know when i'll ever get around to it.

You're free to have it all. um, i'm not even sure what i have. some trays, some sort of timer, a light, etc.
111 months ago (permalink)

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HBRstudios is a group administrator HBRstudios says:

I have a lot of that stuff in my garage, drop me an e-mail
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K. Praslowicz is a group administrator K. Praslowicz says:

Trays: Don't skip and buy the cheap Adorama or Kalt ones ones. You want thick rigid heavy plastic or metal ones. The cheap ones start to bend and flex as the liquids slosh around when you try to empty them. Spill city.

Smells. Ethol LPD is good paper developer that isn't very smelly. Plus it goes a long was and is very economical. Look at the Silvergrain fixer at Freestyle as well. Suppose to not smell bad. I have some, but haven't mixed any up yet to verify,

Storage tanks: Drink lots of apple juice. ;)
111 months ago (permalink)

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lcarlson is a group moderator lcarlson says:

Thanks for all the responses- I'm heading to Canada in a matter of minutes, but will get a hold of people when I get back on Monday or Tuesday.

DPG rules!
111 months ago (permalink)

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