enchanted afternoon [deleted] 10:46pm, 19 May 2009
Come one, come all!

How does 5:30PM at the parking lot near the visitor center sound? You know the intersection with the clock tower? The parking lot I'm refering to is directly north of the above intersection. I'm thinking spending an hour or so simply walking around down in Canal.

From there, head up the shore for an hour or so?
maxcaven Posted 9 years ago. Edited by maxcaven (moderator) 9 years ago
as a decc employee, I can tell you that the parking lot attendants, will be gone at 6:30 pm on Saturday, so if you wanted to park in there to meet up, it would be free.

just throwing that out there.
JustinSinks 9 years ago
Sounds like fun Jason. I may join you two.
hypnotic month [deleted] Posted 9 years ago. Edited by hypnotic month (member) 9 years ago
5:30. I shall be there. I'm bringing my lights and seeing if I can talk one of my friends into coming down around dusk to do some punk girl with attitude modeling on the pier...or whatever that thing is called with the lighthouse on it. :D
enchanted afternoon [deleted] 9 years ago
That'd be awesome Justin.

And Damn....I'm pretty sure we're going to have to take over the canal park.
Karl W. 9 years ago
I think I might join in also
enchanted afternoon [deleted] 9 years ago
I'll be headin' down shortly!
enchanted afternoon [deleted] 9 years ago
Woo hoo!
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