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Created along the same vein as the infamous Chuck Norris Facts.

For those that don't know, Ken Rockwell is a Nikon supposed know it all who reviews cameras for a living. He is widely ripped on for some of the things he says, yet is highly popular.

Ken Rockwell Facts

Contributed by liem, Epic|, Fufie, michel_v, neom, Wintre, Bas|k, lament, mattsteg__ and pal.

* Ken Rockwell is the Chuck Norris of photography

* Ken Rockwell's camera has similar settings to ours, except his are: P[erfect] Av[Awesome Priority Tv[Totally Awesome Priority] M[ajestic]

* Ken Rockwell doesn't color correct. He adjusts your world to match his.

* Sure, Ken Rockwell deletes a bad photo or two. Other people call these Pulitzers.

* Ken Rockwell doesn't adjust his DOF, he changes space-time.

* Circle of confusion? You might be confused. Ken Rockwell never is.

* Ken Rockwell doesn't wait for the light when he shoots a landscape - the light waits for him.

* Ken Rockwell never flips his camera in portrait position, he flips the earth

* Ken Rockwell ordered an L-lens from Nikon, and got one.

* Ken Rockwell is the only person to have photographed Jesus; unfortunately he ran out of film and had to use a piece of cloth instead.

* When Ken Rockwell brackets a shot, the three versions of the photo win first place in three different categories

* Before Nikon or Canon releases a camera they go to Ken and they ask him to test them, the best cameras get a Nikon sticker and the less good get a Canon sticker

* Once Ken tested a camera, he said I cant even put Canon on this one,thats how Pentax was born

* Rockwellian policy isn't doublethink - Ken doesn't even need to think once

* Ken Rockwell doesn't use flash ever since the Nagasaki incident.

* Only Ken Rockwell can take pictures of Ken Rockwell; everyone else would just get their film overexposed by the light of his genius

* Ken Rockwell wanted something to distract the lesser photographers, and lo, there were ducks.

* Ken Rockwell is the only one who can take self-portraits of you

* Ken Rockwell's nudes were fully clothed at the time of exposure

* Ken Rockwell once designed a zoom lens. You know it as the Hubble SpaceTelescope.

* When Ken unpacks his CF card, it already has masterpieces on it.

* Rockwell portraits are so lifelike, they have to pay taxes

* On Ken Rockwell's desktop, the Trash Icon is really a link to National Geographic Magazine

* Ken Rockwell spells point-and-shoot "h-a-s-s-e-l-b-l-a-d"

* When Ken Rockwell went digital, National Geographic nearly went out of business because he was no longer phyically discarding photos

* For every 10 shots that Ken Rockwell takes, 11 are keepers.

* Ken Rockwell's digital files consist of 0's, 1's AND 2's.

* Ken Rockwell never focus, everything moves into his DoF

* Ken Rockwell's shots are so perfect, Adobe redesigned photoshop for him: all it consists of is a close button.

* The term tripod was coined after his silhouette

* Ken Rockwell never produces awful work, only work too advanced for the viewer

* A certain braind of hig-end cameras was named after people noticed the quality was a lot "like a" rockwell

* Ken Rockwell isn't the Chuck Norris of photography; Chuck Norris is the Ken Rockwell of martial arts.

* Ken Rockwell never starts, he continues
maxcaven 9 years ago
Hahah, I've seen these before, still great, also I found a forum posting that had a link to a place on his site, where he says all his reviews, and stuff, are jokes. This was after I had been reading it daily for months. Now I check it every so often, and take all info with a grain of salt.
hypnotic month [deleted] 9 years ago
haha Awesome I liek Ken Rockwell
JustinSinks 9 years ago
Awesome! I like the L lens from nikon.
HBRstudios Posted 9 years ago. Edited by HBRstudios (admin) 9 years ago
I have heard the same thing about the guy, too, but I have nothing to really go on -- but when he says he only shoots on Auto mode and in normal JPG (presumably because he doesn't feel the need to adjust images later,) he might get a certain reputation. Plus when he says that tripods will make your images more blurry (because you will stop it down more to f16 or so instead of hand holding it at a sharper aperture) and that VR and IR is all you need, this also makes you wonder.

My guess is that if I started a website and blog and it actually was viewed by more than like 10 people, I would probably be accused of blowing smoke out of my ass, too.
Shawn Thompson - Lake Superior Photographer Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Shawn Thompson - Lake Superior Photographer (admin) 9 years ago
I have to give him some credit, wrong info/biased info or not, he makes more than enough to support his family off of that blog.
Beats grinding it out day to day at a job.
K. Praslowicz 9 years ago
I just love reading the resulting frenziest shark tanks that usually result after he throws a new bucket of blood into the mix. I always go to site afterwards and try to find some ad units to clicks.

Man I wish I could reach a point where everything I type immediatly gets pounded with backlinks from people in forums & blogs. Links to this domain: 70142 Links to this domain: 431

I got some work to do.
Get Crackin Kip!
manley.josh 9 years ago
I'm with Justin about the L lens one...awesome!
K. Praslowicz 9 years ago

Text Copy for Archivability

Subject: WTT: Ken Rockwell-Obsessed Husband (North York)

One gently-used caucasian male. 36 years-old. Slightly defective. Remembers the names of Ken Rockwell's kids but not our own. Constantly buying high-end photo gear then selling it on craigslist the second Canon or Nikon releases something new. Complains endlessly about lowballers, tire-kickers and pixel peepers. Sold car to buy a Leica body and now wants to mortage house to buy lenses, all at Ken Rockwell's insistence. Maybe you can reprogram him. I have no time because I have to cart our kids around on the TTC and work two jobs while while he fiddles with film and DSLR to achieve super-saturated highlights.

Reasonable offers accepted: Food, clothing, 1992 Subaru Justy. Offers of photo equipment will promptly be deleted! Lowball kickers are welcome! A swift one in the nuts will do him some good.
Drew C 9 years ago
haha, i'll admit that ive always wanted a 1992 subaru justy.
N. Lindstrom Photo 9 years ago
HA! Amazin'
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