dynamic robin [deleted] 1:09pm, 24 April 2009
you asked if I was "part of that guild" and then told me you liked my photos... thanks! you made my day:) (I still have no idea who you are)

.K 9 years ago
What is this? Craigslist?
dynamic robin [deleted] 9 years ago
haha you'd know Kellie.
JustinSinks 9 years ago
Hmmmm, sounds like someone has a stalker! ;)
dynamic robin [deleted] 9 years ago
haha I just want to know who the hell it is. I what his name/screen name and he just said "oh I deleted my account"... c'mon!! Did you delete your name too!?? :)
maxcaven 9 years ago
The Jer 9 years ago
Are you sure he was talking about this guild?
Maybe he thought you were a Dungeons and Dragons player?
dynamic robin [deleted] 9 years ago
I'm not sure, if I saw a picture I would know.
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