mb_wen 1:34am, 25 April 2009
Aside from the 4-5 folks hanging stuff Sunday for the MONDAY show... who else is planning on attending? Just curious.
JustinSinks 9 years ago
I am planning on coming
peteSwede PRO 9 years ago
i will be attending a number of shows, actually trying to make an effort.

btw, are there passes we may be eligible for as part of the DPG?
I'd pay to get in anyway, i just thought i'd ask.
I plan to attend a few.
fallfaceforward 9 years ago
if i can get out of work i plan to come. what is the cost?
KAdog3 9 years ago
Will not be their have to work nights
duluthiscool 9 years ago
The space at Harbor City is cool... the photos look good... and I am excited to see the videos at 7pm... I encourage everyone that is able to attend...
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