fallfaceforward 6:08pm, 21 April 2009
Thought it would be fun for those doing the Homegrown crawl to post which dates you'll be out, listening to who, etc.

Tues. I'm heading to Sacred Heart for the 3 bands playing there. First show starts at 7pm. Sight Like December plays at 9pm (my main reason for going there).

Fri. i'll probably be at Pizza Luce most of the night.
QuietDelusions 9 years ago
I agree that Friday night looks like a good night to be at Luce.

Though I know squat about most of the music. *laugh* Probably will do Carmody on Saturday, and maybe Fitger's on Thursday (because who really needs to be awake for work, anyway?) as well.

I'm also interested in hearing about what else is good.
duluthiscool 9 years ago
Homegrown is Christmas for me. I'll be out every night... Participating and shooting all eight days... INCLUDING the PHOTOSHOW on Monday :)
Randall Cottrell 9 years ago
ill get to as much as i can. got a couple of buddies playin on fri.
N. Lindstrom Photo 9 years ago
Every night, all night.
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