Missing Lens

lcarlson 5:37pm, 18 April 2009
As of right now, I cannot find my 10-22mm f/3.5-4.5 lens. I'm checking ebay and craigslist to see if it pops up on there maybe.

I was wondering if you guys/gals can keep an eye out if someone is trying to sell it.

It is a bit loose around the focus ring, and has scotch tape over the focus guide numbers.

Oh man, this sucks. I will keep my eye out.
brandonransom 9 years ago
Have you got the serial number? If so, great, if not, let this be a reminder to everyone. Keeping a list of the model and serial numbers of all your (expensive) gear can be very useful in a variety of circumstances.

Hope you find it. You ought to put WTB ads for one in the surrounding Craiglists.
lcarlson 9 years ago
Great idea brandon-
lcarlson 9 years ago
Luckily enough, someone grabbed my lens last night, and they just got a hold of me.

Sorry for the false alarm, but i was hella worried.
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