K. Praslowicz 8:27pm, 11 April 2009
I made a video today demonstrating how to load film onto a developing reel for an upcoming post on my web site.

I think I mave have become a little too efficient at the process.
noxious kettle [deleted] 9 years ago
plastic reels, i thought you were a purist!

just kidding, i use plastic reels.
Karl W. 9 years ago
are you a robot?
I watched that video and had no idea what was happening, but it looked cool.
Captain Campion 9 years ago
all i gotta say is damn boy you fast! lol ... seriously though that all happened so fast my head spun ... course it doesn't help that i suck really bad at loading the reel (this should read me, in the dark fumbling w/ the reel and the film for 10 to 15 minutes with lots of cursing and profanities) ... :)
JustinSinks 9 years ago
Pretty sweet man! I also took a few to peek at your other vids... I learned a lot about condoms. Thanks!
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