enchanted afternoon [deleted] 6:19pm, 13 April 2009
When I upload to Flickr I've started to do the following (primarily so that nobody can download my picture and print it without my authorization) - Yeah...like that would happen anyhow, Lol!:

1.Reduce the quality to 96 DPI (Most screens display at 96 DPI so there's no need to have better quality for online photos anyhow).

2. Reduce the image size to about 500 pixels or less.

I also have a seperate "Public" folder that I save my flickr photos to. I then delete those when I have uploaded them.

If you don't have editing software to reduce the image size, you can use flickr's program called Picknik. Works really well for other adjustments as well.

Hope this helps somebody!
ectro 9 years ago
I like to upload my photos in their original size. It's basically another backup. If someone steals my images for something, I don't really care because at least they're being used and appreciated. I steal so many things online - kinda have to give back. Just a thought
Randall Cottrell 9 years ago
yeah i upload at original size too. i think it's easier sometimes to get the original file from my flickr page, rather than searching through folders upon folders on my comp. haha same thoughts here jake.
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