noxious kettle [deleted] 12:25am, 6 April 2009
Blank Dogs (troubleman, woodsist recs, etc...) are on tour hailing from NY. they are really awesome. their newer stuff sounds like a sped up 'lo-fi' version of joy division, but thats the only references i can draw. The show is at:

16 W Palm St. (literally like a block from First Photo). It starts at 7, and its at my house! tell everyone because i'm pretty excited for this!



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also: (rapidshare link)

"Blank Dogs - Year One c76 (2008)
Release Date: 2008/10
Label: Fuck It Tapes
Genre: Lo-Fi, Experimental, Post-Punk

Compilation of all tracks from the first year of releases. This includes the two 12" EPs , the first four 7" EPs and the Mirror Lights cassette."

^ blank dogs have only been around for a little over a year. but this is all of their releases spanning over the last year. if you want to listen...

(sorry, just realized that last link had ads that were nsfw, whoops)
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