wensjo 4:02pm, 7 April 2009
Recently an historic tugboat called the "Essayons" sunk into the Duluth bay. It belongs to a very good friend of mine (Hobart) and I am really sad about the situation, and wish I had taken photos of it.
Does anyone have any pictures of this boat that you can share with me or Hobart? It would be greatly appreciated!
NorthernMinnesotaPhoto Posted 9 years ago. Edited by NorthernMinnesotaPhoto (member) 9 years ago
go to the archives section of the Duluth News Tribune. Chances are good that they will have it "working". It's always sad to hear of a Tug being lost, they are the hardest working yet often overlooked part of a sea port. Every time I went to sea, in whatever country, there was always a tug boat standing at the ready! :?(
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