lcarlson 5:33pm, 29 March 2009
... Winter Storm Watch in effect from Monday evening through late
Tuesday night...

The National Weather Service in Duluth has issued a Winter Storm
Watch... which is in effect from Monday evening through late
Tuesday night.

Total snow accumulations of 6 to 12 inches are possible across
Itasca... central and southern Saint Louis... Carlton...
Pine... Douglas... burnnett and Washburn counties by Wednesday
morning. The snow will start to fall and accumulate Monday
night... then increase in intensity on Tuesday... and continue to
fall through Tuesday night. The snow will finally start to
lighten up during the day on Wednesday. South of the twin
ports... some of the snow may mix with or change over to rain on
Tuesday... then change back over to all snow Tuesday night.

A Winter Storm Watch means there is the potential for significant
accumulation of snow that may impact travel and Commerce. You are
encouraged to stay current with the latest weather information
regarding this developing winter storm via local
television... radio... the internet... or NOAA Weather Radio.
K. Praslowicz 9 years ago
Yes! I was fearing what the end of the snow season would do to my photography.
D. Edward Clark 9 years ago
No more snow please, I need summer! Not needing a jacket, driving with the windows down, a breezy summer night, hands not falling off when I take pictures.

Don't get me wrong, I like a lot of winter pictures & such, but I need my summer! If I didn't like this town so much I'd move to warmer surroundings.
expired_meter 9 years ago
I just wish the weather would make up its G** ***N'ed mind. Seriously.

As far as photos and disc golf I do both all year round. As far as allergies go, I need a fricken break. My head is gonna drown my lungs in mucus.

hypnotic month [deleted] Posted 9 years ago. Edited by hypnotic month (member) 9 years ago
It's pretty nice, warm, sunny, t-shirt and shorts weather here in California... Sun roof down...little bit of a tannnn...
K. Praslowicz 9 years ago
Cali sounds like a nightmare.
expired_meter 9 years ago
Brynn sounds like a gloat'er
Noreeyay 9 years ago
It funny when new Coastie families are getting ready to transfer here and they call me up and ask how's the weather there..hehe..yeah
Weather Man Failbot again.
Randall Cottrell 9 years ago
Groups Beta