fallfaceforward 7:51pm, 24 March 2009
I'm shooting some family portraits for my church directory this Sat. evening and wonder if anyone has 2 flashes they'd be able to lend me that i can strap to some umbrellas.

I have a Canon Rebel- i don't know if that matters or not.

ectro 9 years ago
I don't have umbrellas, but have 2 flashes and 2 stands. The flashes need to be clamped to the stands, and I have some ghetto ways to diffuse them. You can borrow them if you want. The only thing I would worry about is my transmitters. They're cheap and picky about setups. Also, they didn't work on a 40D one time, but did work on a G9, D200, D40, and some 35mms. It should work on the Rebel you can try. It really isn't the best setup, but it works.
HBRstudios 9 years ago
You can borrow the big guns, if you like -- complete with transmitters.
fallfaceforward 9 years ago
Brian that would be wonderful!
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