Barrett 1:40am, 25 March 2009
Has anyone ever tried developing with Caffenol? According to this recent article in Wired, it appears you can develop film in a mixture of coffee, vitamin C and washing soda.

Also, here's a Flickr pool dedicated to shots developed this way.
K. Praslowicz 9 years ago
Haven't dealt with it, but it sounds like useful knowledge for my post-apocalyptic photography survival kit.
lcarlson 9 years ago
Hambone Lewinski 9 years ago
I took a swing at it once. I couldn't find granular vitamin C, so I used crushed vitamin C pills. Unfortunately, the inert part of the vitamin C pills is fairly basic and acted as a restrainer, so almost no image developed. I gave up there.

My primary film developer is homemade, though. It's called paRodinal and made out of lye, hypo and tylenol.

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