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Digital Camera Repair?

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QuietDelusions says:

Well, I feel like a complete idiot, but I'm hoping someone here may have some advice for me...

Last time I was out taking photos, I apparently was over-eager and turned on my camera while it was in my pocket. >.< When I took it out and attempted to take pictures, it started randomly clicking every time the lens moves. That, and it occasionally gets a message "Lens Error. Restart Camera" when I zoom. (After browsing around the internet, I see it's pretty common for my model of camera.)

I was wondering if there's a local place that would repair a digital camera without costing me more than it's worth? I actually have another camera of the same model - that might that help with parts (I'm horrible with electronics, I swear). Otherwise, Canon says it's still under warranty; however, I'm sure they'll say it was abused and charge me. I actually HAVE never dropped it...but I've had some spectacular falls while holding it. And one memorable occasion where my cat pulled it from my desk. *sigh*

Anyway, if anyone has some advice, I'd really appreciate it!
7:58PM, 16 March 2009 PDT (permalink)

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Darin... says:

i had something similar with a canon point-and-shoot, and i just lightly tweaked the lens (aimed downward) in various directions when it was fully zoomed (working the zoom once in a while) until the message quit coming up. i suspected it was a sand particle in the lens mechanism.

perhaps you can use the implied power of the "Duluth Photographer's Guild" in your email to their warranty support folks?
113 months ago (permalink)

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