peteSwede PRO 11:17pm, 25 February 2009
shawn and i mentioned this at the meeting. no need to bump it, i just know a few will be interested in visiting a new restaurant/lounge.

I think we were hoping they were a little more sushi-oriented as the menu is long and looks like mostly standard choices.

i can't wait to go and feel alienated for not appearing refined enough.
peteSwede PRO 9 years ago
Captain Campion 9 years ago
you need to totally go in your most ratty outfit to feel the full brunt of the alienation ... lol
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mb_wen 9 years ago
My 'party' and I went over there last thursday for drinks and apps. Not bad in my estimation, custom ordering a drink kind of threw them off for the most part, and it didn't taste quite right, but what are ya gunna do. First month their open and someone's already going off the grid with drink orders? Anyway the sushi rolls left a little to be desired as did any sort of variety, but egh... it's duluth I guess. Not a bad place overall, give it a shot!
fallfaceforward 9 years ago
myself and i believe some other DPGers will be going to Black Water Sat. night after Oeuvre's launch party which is in the Greysolon Ballroom.

which everyone is invited to as well. Aaron and I will have some photography on display there.
manley.josh 9 years ago
I will be there for a party on Friday...i know the server manager, so any serious critiques pass em on to me and i will (gently) pass them on. I would guess they would appreciate them.
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