Becca Wigchers 12:07am, 18 February 2009
After getting the chance to use all of the great equipment that I had available to me at the strobist meet on sunday, I am strongly considering making some investments into some strobist equipment and was wondering if anyone would be willing to let me borrow some of there things so I can get a better feel of what it is that I am looking to purchase.

I'm mainly looking for two umbrellas, stands, another strobe and anything else that anyone is willing to let me try out.

This is quite a bit to ask for but I can assure that all equipment borrowed will be cared for as if I were caring for a small child, possibly even better haha.

If any one would be willing to let me borrow some things for a few days next week I would be incredibly grateful!

JustinSinks 9 years ago
Sure, you can borrow my things. I would say my set up is the cheapest you can get ;) Let me know if and when you want it all.
Becca Wigchers 9 years ago
you are my hero.

if I could still borrow it all do you think you could bring it to the meeting on tuesday?
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