N. Lindstrom Photo 1:57pm, 10 February 2009
Almost a year ago my brother in law Shane, spoke and had shown some of his photographic and documentary work for the DSCC. Some of you might remeber the thread. I wanted to give a little update for interested parties.

Shane graduated from UC Berkley in Peace & Conflict and for the majority of the time I have known him, has spent his time in the Middle East doing freelance work.

He has recently returned to his home in Syria after spending 2 weeks in Iraq. I wanted to share one of the peices he sent this morning from his stay in Baghdad:

Visit to see his photography and multi-media peices, all of which are outstanding, some were even award winning..

I am very proud and happy for Shane and the things he is accomplishing and wanted to pass it on.
HBRstudios 9 years ago
Very cool! Thanx for the update!
enchanted afternoon [deleted] 9 years ago
Great stuff.
JustinSinks 9 years ago
Ill check this out when I get home today for sure!
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